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# Mount a second hard drive in Debian or Proxmox 3.1 – # First we’ll have to find out what the device name is for this disk. fdisk -l   # DO NOT COMPLETE THIS IF YOU HAVE DATA ON DRIVE. cfdisk /dev/sdb # New -> Primary -> Specify size in […]

Having issues installing Proxmox 3.x using an ISO file you downloaded? Recently I took note to an issue I “was” having when trying to install Proxmox 3.0 or 3.1 on a system I have. The system is a  2x quad Xeon CPU Server. I in fact did download the official ISO […]

Are you a Skype fanatic, a podcast star, or an amateur movie-maker who loves capturing the world around you? Whether you’re looking for an external webcam to conduct interviews or create your own movies and skits, you have to know what’s what. Some features are more important than others—do you know […]

  The modern world is teeming with data—some may even call it data overload. There is so much information, communication, and entertainment available at our fingertips, and this phenomenon is continually expanding into every corner of the globe. It’s extremely interesting to note just how much people share within the […]

In this blog post, I’ll show you the 6 reasons why your blog’s traffic sucks, and how to fix it.    Web traffic is vital if you must succeed online. 85% of people who started an online business would surely give up, because nobody is there to support them or […]

You need more targeted traffic to your website, right?     The influence of social media has penetrated through the fabrics of every business model. Blogging isn’t an exception and if you’ve been marketing your business online, you’d agree with me that without social proofs, your search engine rankings can’t […]

Copywriting is the only technique that’s SEO friendly, evergreen and easy to master.    Most people started out online as affiliate marketers, but if you can learn how to persuade people to take action, Google and other search engines would reward you. When I started my blog, I took a […]

Is your blog new or old?    Most likely, you’re looking for ways to drive rich and targeted traffic to it – without wasting money on advertising. In my 6 years of marketing online, I’ve discovered that organic traffic is the easiest to get. This statement might sound weird, considering […]

Do you want to improve your rankings in Google?      The search engine optimization world isn’t as difficult as we’ve been taught. In fact, simple tweaks can go a long way to enhance your website’s reach and attract more organic traffic. Google isn’t in the business of penalizing sites – the […]

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